Rahimafrooz CIC Agro Limited (RCAL) is a reflection of Rahimafrooz’s vision to be a leader of the best qualiy produce from ‘seed to shelf’. The company was established in June 2011 as a joint venture with CIC Agri Businesses (Private) Limited, a leading company in Sri Lanka.

RCAL aspires to provide farmers with complete agricultural solutions by emphasizing sufficiency through modernization of agriculture production, with particular attention on increased production, processing and value addition. The company is focused on modernizing & bringing efficiency to Plant Nutrition, Mechanization & Tissue Culture through continuous research & development.

 RCAL is committed to –
  • the use of appropriate scientific practices and improved technology to develop superior fertilizer, seed & machinery products, thereby meeting market need;
  • engaging competent human resources and providing opportunities to enhance their skills;
  • continually improve the quality of products and services in order to delights customers; and
  • ensuring that products & practices are in compliance with regulatory requirement.
Plant Nutrition, Seed & Planting Material

RCAL produces & imports the best quality seed & planting material, fertilizer for rural farmers, home gardeners and horticulturist. Seeds are continuously tested for viability and to regulate proper physical conditions for germination and growth of seed. RCAL is also engaged in the introduction of new cultivation technology to the country. Ensuring maximum yield and thus bumper harvest for customers is our priority.

RCAL services are available for both own & contract farming. The company also provides consultancy for farmers / growers. 


With a mind to continually improve agricultural efforts in Bangladesh, RCAL imports premium quality agriculture machinery focusing on crop plantation, post harvestation & irrigation. These machineries, including tractor, rotavator, power tiller and diesel engines, are available across the country through our strong sales network.  

RCAL is the national distributor of technologically advanced Deutz-Fahr tractors, the only German brand tractor in Bangladesh which is compatible for the land and road conditions of Bangladesh. The power tillers and diesel engines are available under the name of “TARA”.  

Tissue Culture

RCAL has its own farm consisting of a state-of-the-art tissue culture laboratory for the production of tissue culture planting material of fruits and ornamental plants.

 After Sale Service

RCAL also provides its customers with after sales services through a highly trained technical team located at branch offices throughout the country. Services include installation and demonstration session immediately after sales, and also periodic training and troubleshooting at customer location. We endeavor to ensure availability of spare parts at dealer points across the country.